Top 25 Handbag and Purse Blogs

Handbag afficionados are like watch and cigar lovers. Most appreciate quality, craftsmanship and can spot flaws a mile away. Whether a swanky designer bag is in your budget or not, these handbag and purse blogs bring all of the information you need to know right to your fingertips without dealing with snooty sales associates or traveling far and away to get the lowdown on a bag.

General Handbag Blogs

These sites review handbags across the board. Getting an ID on a celeb’s purse has never been so easy and many of these blogs have strong communities that are able to answer your questions on any bag.

    1. Handbags : This bag blog talks about trends and focuses less on the super pricey bags that many other sites zone in on. They also highlight mid-priced brands that nearly everyone can afford.

    2. Purse Page : This site reviews gobs of handbags at various price points and throws in plenty of celeb handbag eye candy to get you through the week.

    3. Purse Nickety : Clever name and an even better handbag blog. This site is chock full of handbag reviews based on their purpose, not the label inside. Find the best totes for work, best carry-on bags for travel and more.

    4. Purse Pixie : This sweet blogger reviews bags with her own lifestyle in mind, meaning there’s no room for bejeweled clutches that cost four figures. It’s all about function and fashion. What a novel idea!

    5. The Bag Lady : Instead of talking labels, this blog talks styles. What styles are hot and what’s next is the name of the game and you’ll appreciate the blogger’s quick wit and need for functional purses.

    6. Handbag du Jour : This slick blog is easy on the eyes and even easier to navigate. Whether you’re there to peruse or need tips on what to wear a certain handbag with, you’ll find it without hassle.

    7. Purse Blog : This fabulous site is one of the go-to’s for handbag lovers new and old. Don’t miss Purse Blog’s messageboard, also known as The Purse Forum.

    8. Bag Bliss : At this site you’ll find reviews of moderately priced handbags from labels like Vanessa Bruno and vegan favorites, Matt & Nat.

    9. Bag Snob : Known for their honest reviews of even the swankiest handbags, this team of bloggers focus mostly on high end designers but have a sprinkle of”frugal snob” picks now and then.

    10. Purseuing : This handbag blog brings us reviews on affordable bags from Marc by Marc Jacobs and Kate Spade. We also love them because they feature lesser-known labels like Sea Bags, which are comprised of recycled sails.

Specialized Handbag Blogs

These sites specialize in something having to do with handbags. The content may revolve around celebrities or a certain brand, but we can guarantee you’ll find out neat purse facts you may have never known without these blogs.

    11. Bodacious Bag : Unfortunately this site no longer publishes, but the archived posts focus on Coach. Check out the section on spotting a fake Coach purse and the instructional video that provides a more in-depth look.

    12. Man Purse : This site has reviews on men’s bags and also focuses on dressing the part when carrying a man bag. After all, it only works well if the rest of you looks stylish.

    13. Diva in a Carry-On : Travelers will got nuts for this blog that teaches you how to pack everything you need for a weekend of fun into one chic carry-on bag. The blogger has found her niche and her posts are very helpful for the fashionista that’s notorious for overpacking.

    14. Coach Handbags 101 : Get the basics on Coach purses and also learn about the new styles coming out. Are they worthy of a splurge? You decide.

    15. Bagaholic Boy : Live from Singapore, this bag boy blogs on all high end bags and designer runway shows when seasonal bags first make their debut.

    16. The Bag Forum : This messageboard makes it easy for purse afficionados to connect. Find out details on a bag, the price and where it can be source at this helpful site.

    17. Bag Whiz : This site isn’t set up like most blogs. Instead, you browse the gorgeous gallery of bags and click to get the background info on your pick.

    18. Bag Craze : It’s all designer bags at this blog. Even if your bank account doesn’t call for the $3,000+ Louis Vuitton by Sofia Coppola collection, you can dream a little dream about snapping up a Chanel iPad case.

    19. U-Handbag : Because not everyone needs their handbag to be designer, this blogger brings you nifty ways to create your own handbag, DIY-style with creative tips from her site.

    20. Handbagse : This site has a ton of handbag reviews, but really focuses on celebrities and their handbags during off-duty outings.

    21. Celebrity Bag Styles : Blogs about celebrity handbags aren’t hard to find, but this site has impressive pics that always show a starlet’s bag clearly.

    22. Louis Vuitton Wiki : It’s the history of the now-timeless French label, along with all of the new designs reviewed as they hit the runway each season. It also works as a news feed for all things LV.

    23. Celebrity Style Guide Blog – Handbags : This site was one of the first to chronicle everything celebs where whether they’re putting gas or hitting the red carpet. The handbag section zeros in on the brand and style your favorite star is sporting.

    24. Handbago : This purse site is full of reviews for handbags, but also gives you the inside scoop on sample sales (online and the old-fashioned brick-and-mortar kind) as well as how the web is changing the shopping industry.

    25. Love B Bags : If you need us to translate B bags, it stands for Balenciaga bags. Balenciaga bags are known for creating monsters with collectors who seek out particular colors and fabrics in the iconic motorcycle style that put the brand on the modern fashion map.

Bonus Blogs – Brand-Owned Handbag Blogs

Some handbag brands have been smart enough to use blogs as their platform to reach out to their target consumer and gain publicity by chatting about upcoming collections and inspiration. Here it from the horse’s mouth with these brand-owned handbag blogs.

    1. Adriana Castro Blog : Adriana herself pens this fun, personable blog that chats about the luxury handbags from the brand in vibrant colors and exotic skins.

    2. Botkier Blog : The brand that was created by a photographer has its own blog to talk directly with readers about trends and upcoming bag launches.

Purses are a hot accessory that don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. While the It bag isn’t quite as prominent as it once was, researching a potential buy on these handbag and purse blogs will help you determine if the bag is the right fit for your lifestyle and whether it’s work plunking down serious dough.