50 Coolest Wildlife Videos On YouTube

Long before “The Lion King,” people have always had a fascination with animals. But ever since we went out of the caves and into the homes, seeing the true lives of wild animals was difficult without putting yourself in danger. More likely to eat you than burst into song and dance, these wildlife can be unbelievable amazing or downright vicious.

To keep your curiosity satiated and your behind out of trouble, we have collected the 50 coolest wildlife videos on YouTube. From birth to death, they show the true circle of life, while getting in some laughs and tears as well.

Coolest Birth Wildlife Videos On YouTube

See the beginnings of life on these cool wildlife videos on YouTube.

    1. Polar Bear Birth : A female polar bear makes an amazing trek to give birth to a baby polar bear. The BBC shows intimate and close up footage of the phenomenon as never before. Bonus points for showing the animals and births in the wild.

    2. Lion Birth : This amazing YouTube wildlife video was filmed on location on a game reserve in South Africa. Ranger Graham Dyer is one of the few people who has ever filmed a birth like this in the wild. Two cubs are birthed and can even be seen crawling around at the end.

    3. Whale Birth : Witness the birth of Baby Beluga in this video. Weighing at 50 kilograms at birth, it is a “whale of a birth.” The video takes place at an aquarium in Vancouver.

    4. Giraffe Birth : Without seeing it in the wildlife yourself, clicking on this video may be the only way to see a giraffe birth. In this zoo, professionals discuss how females give birth. The birth took place at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs.

    5. Orangutan Birth : As close to a human birth as wildlife gets, this video shows the birth of a baby orangutan. Just like a human, the mother’s first instinct is to wash the baby off. Much unlike a human, the birth doesn’t seem painful at all for her.

    6. Anaconda Birth : This humongous snake is so terrifying, it even had several movies named after it. A short film from the BBC shows how these snakes come into the world. Sir David Attenborough presents the birth from Northern Argentina.

    7. Condor Birth : These birds hatch from eggs. The Ventana Wildlife Society switched a hatching egg into a mother’s nest and you can see the birth here. An endangered species, the birth is a treat to watch.

    8. YouTube Goat : This couple was looking to get loads of hits on YouTube and actually ended up naming their goat just that. See the birth of little YouTube, as well as many other updates on him.

Coolest Wildlife Baby Videos On YouTube

See more about the beginnings of wildlife in these cool YouTube videos.

    9. Lion Family : Although there are many videos of lion cubs playing, this one actually shows a lion family in the wild. These travelers shot this video when staying at a Mosetlha Bush Camp. A female, two males, and five cubs are featured.

    10. White Tiger Cubs : One baby white tiger cub is feeling rambunctious, so they do what’s natural: attack their siblings. In this video taken at the Catocin Wildlife Preserve in Maryland the three engage in play. Just a few months old, they are already at it.

    11. Chimpanzee Baby : One of the wild female monkeys of the troop cares for her young. The baboons don’t welcome the baby and complexities ensue. Fifi shows how to stand by her young.

    12. Baby Zebra, Oryx, Kangaroo, and Giraffe : The Global Wildlife Center is a non-profit dedicated to animals in Louisiana. A variety of animal babies from all over the world are featured. Good images, bad sound.

    13. Hippo Babies : Did you know that hippopotamus females raise their young together? This video shows hippos in the African safari as they raise their babies. Mostly swimming is shown.

    14. Penguin Babies : Where do penguins get their funny walk? From their parents. This short video shows a baby’s first steps as featured in a major film.

    15. Gorilla Baby : Amanda gave birth to a baby gorilla a few months earlier. Uzumma is now seen walking, tugging, and even playing with the camera. Taken at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle.

Coolest Wildlife Adoption Videos On YouTube

These wild animals have been taken in by someone else on these amazing wildlife videos.

    16. Adopted Baby Puma : The trainers at T.I.G.E.R.S. found an unlikely ally in Anjana. The chimp has taken a special interest in caring for the cubs. We can see her playing with, caring for, and even feeding the cubs.

    17. Adopted Pigs : Even with plenty of people looking to eat pork, these piglets were safe with their new mother. A tiger of six years of age was able to take care of these three piglets as if they were her own. This batch of piglets isn’t even her first.

    18. Adopted Puma : After giving birth to a litter of her own, this mother dog had no trouble throwing in a baby panther. The video shows the cub being bathed and fed by the new mother. The Rhodesian Ridgeback lives with her entire family in England.

    19. Adopted Bengal Tigers : Not just the stuff of human fairy tales, tigers can also reject cubs for being albinos. In this wildlife video, a dog named Lili adopts two cubs after being abandoned. Circus owner Jonas Santos of Brazil removed the cubs from their mother and placed them with their foster mother where they can be seen.

    20. Adopted Tiger Cubs : A chimp at Jungle Island in Florida saw a zoo handler caring for two cubs. So she did the only thing she could, adopt them. The short video shows the mother caring for the cubs.

    21. Adopted Baby Squirrels : Although cats and squirrels are not thought of wildlife, this video is still worth a watch. After baby squirrels fell out of their nest, they were adopted by Parl the cat. She cared for the three babies like her own and can be seen in this video.

    22. Adopted White Tigers : After being abandoned by their mother, it looked grim for these three white tiger cubs. After seeing an “Animal Planet” special, the zoo earned that golden retrievers make excellent adoptive parents. The video takes place in a zoological park in Kansas.

    23. Adopted Foxes : Who says that dogs and foxes can’t be friends? This YouTube user doesn’t’ tell us the origins of the baby foxes, but we can clearly see they have been adopted by the entire family, including the dog.

    24. Adopted Kitten : What’s cool about this YouTube video is the adoptive mother. Cassie was an abandoned kitten who was thrown over a fence. After seeing the predicament, Moses the crow began feeding her. This video clip has more.

Coolest Funny Wildlife Videos On YouTube

Get a laugh with the help of these YouTube wildlife videos.

    25. Polar Bears and Dogs Playing : With about 4 million views, this is one popular YouTube wildlife video. While on a trip through the snow, Brian’s sled dogs make new friends. See who and how on this vido.

    26. Tiger and Monkey Fight : More funny than it sounds, two tiger cubs play while a monkey watches. Not wanting to be left out the monkey joins in. As the three make sense of it all, the laughs roll.

    27. Elephants at Waterhole : This YouTube video gives a good look at what elephants do at a waterhole. Hilarity also ensues at the end. Be sure to watch part two.

    28. Science Animals : Discovery Network shows a collection of their top five wildlife videos. Feeding, playing, and more are featured. Bats, bears, wolves, and more are shown.

    29. Naughty Monkey : Think your kids fight a lot? Then check out this video to see how monkey kids get along. As usual, mama must intervene.

    30. Hyenas : People aren’t the only ones who laugh. This videos shows a park near Sedona with true life hyenas. Their actual laugh can be heard and it sounds like a baby’s.

    31. Funny Tiger Attack : It’s funny as long as you’re not the guy filming it. A curious photographer gets more than he bargains for after a visit to the lion cage. Not for children or those who will laugh at anything.

    32. Funny Dolphin : Don’t let the kids see this one either. A dolphin has apparently been in captivity for too long and is super happy to see someone else.

    33. Funny Talking Animals : What do animals really say to each other? This YouTube video requires a healthy imagination but is worth a look. The BBC speculates to what is actually being said.

Coolest Versus Wildlife Videos On YouTube

Because animals aren’t always friendly, see what really happens when animals attack.

    34. Lion vs. Crocodile vs. Buffalo : This three way battle for survival was a mega hit on YouTube. Watch what happens when lions attack a buffalo calf. Crocodiles join in, and the love of a good parent/community wins out.

    35. Leopard vs. Gorilla : If animated violence is your thing, click here. Experts from Animal Planet speculate what would happen in a fight between a leopard and gorilla with the winner clearly identify.

    36. Lion vs. Giraffe : See what happens when this amateur photographer gets a shot of what is rarely seen: a lion killing a giraffe. Over 10 million have clicked in to see how they bring it down. Not for kids.

    37. Wildebeest vs. Hyenas : At least they look like hyenas. An unknown pack of predators seek a young wildebeest. The vigor and force of the mother’s defense makes this truly a cool wildlife video.

    38. Deer Jumps Into Bear Exhibit : The Pittsburgh Zoo had a mysterious invader in 2007. This deer jumped the wall into the polar bear exhibit, where it was chased down. The zookeepers tell what happens after.

    39. Zebra vs. Lioness : In this video, a lioness stalks a zebra. A horrific battle ensues and the winner may not be who you guessed. An attempted drowning and subtle removing take place.

    40. Penguin vs. Seals : Not as cute as they are in “March of the Penguins,” they show that they can also do battle. Leopard seals stalk penguins and food and the showdown can be seen here. The battle actually takes place outside of the water.

    41. Anaconda vs. Jaguar : In another animated entry, these two animals clash in what experts believe is what would actually happen. Strength vs. stamina is closely examined..

    42. Orca vs. Great White : They don’t call them Killer Whales for nothing. In this expert video, a group of whales attack a great white shark. With several kills, the whale known as CA2 has done this before.

    43. Wolves vs. Bear : A pack of grey wolves stalk elk in Yellowstone Park. However, they also have to deal with grizzly bears in the park. A mother and her cub are on deck in this wildlife YouTube video.

    44. Spider vs. Scorpion : All the fuzzy, four legged types aren’t the only YouTube starts. In this video, a wolf spider takes on a scorpion. Don’t watch if you don’t like forced animal fights.

Coolest People Wildlife Videos On YouTube

These YouTube videos track the strange and sometimes beautiful interaction between people and wildlife.

    45. Christian the Lion : He was a young lion rescued by a couple. When he got too big, they had to release him back into the wild. Years later, they came back to see him and this video captures it all.

    46. The Thames Whale : In 2006, a whale swam up the Thames River and become stuck. Unable to find her way back to sea, a group of people intervened. The complex process is detailed in this video.

    47. Best of Steve Irwin : The amazing man known as the “Crocodile Hunter” gave us all some incredible wildlife videos. Before his death doing what he loved best, he took on just about every species of animal. This fan dedicates a “Best Of” video to him.

    48. Man vs. Python : This man has a reputation for hunting snakes. Here and a group of others set out to catch a humongous python that was attacking a village. The video is a must see.

    49. Man Survives Shark Attack : A diver and group of friends innocently went diving off the coast of Northern California. While searching for Abalone, David met a great white shark. He describes the attack in detail for this YouTube video.

    50. Jane Goodall Visits Chimps : As a young woman, Jane set out to study chimps. Decades later she came back with tons of new information. In this video, she discusses the animals she loves.

Remember that all animals aren’t as snuggly as pictured in the above 50 coolest wildlife videos on YouTube. If met with a strange animal, avoid it. If at the zoo, don’t feed it. If unsure, ask the handler.